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Do you have more reviews I can read?
Yes! Please feel free to check out our reviews from our Etsy page

Do I need to own the entire thread collection to use these systems?
Absolutely not. If you are ready to get your threads organized and easier to use, you should do it now. Having an idea of your inventory, seeing what colors you are missing and keeping tidy will all be easier by incorporating an organization system early. 

Should I get the family or individual system?
That is entirely up to you! Do you like to store you thread in rainbow order? If so, you may prefer family. Do you like to store your thread based on the official DMC color card? If so, you need to get the individual one, since that order is not grouped by color family. 

Another thing you may want to consider is the printing and cost. The family system is about 135 cards, so it is only 4 pages. The individual system is over 500 cards, and it has 15 pages to print. 

Why is the individual system more expensive than the family one? 
The individual one is made up over 500 cards, while the family one is only 135. 

I don't have a printer, can I use these systems?
Definitely! If you want the family system printed and cut out for you, of course you can order that directly from our shop. Otherwise, you could order the PDF and have it printed at a print shop - whether there is a local one in your area of if you would like to go to one like FedEx. 

Do these systems include the newer colors 1-35?
Yes, they do!

Do these systems include the special edition set 3880-3895?
Yes, they do!

What order should I store my thread in?
Any order you can maintain. In your instruction PDF, my personal order is listed, but that is only a recommendation! Make this system your own. 

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