About the Maker

Britney has been doing hand embroidery for a decade. Her journey started like many others- picking up a kit at a big craft retailer. Soon she realized it was the perfect hobby to take on the go. As she traveled, she stitched - oftentimes on buses, planes, and trains. 

Eventually she moved away from kits and started stitching her own patterns, basing her art on her own travel photographs. Stitching became a little escape to a miniature world during 2020. 

The one thing Britney didn't love about embroidery was dealing with the pile of bobbins after a project. There had to be a better way, and so The Tidy Stitch began. 

The initial launch of the family organization system was in September of 2020 on an Etsy shop- Britney Kay Embroidery (etsy.com/shop/BritneyKayEmbroidery). Since then, she's created an individual system and a series of custom systems in multiple languages. 

Her aim is to minimize the pain points around the hobby and let hobbyists and professionals alike focus on the parts they enjoy - the stitching itself. 


Britney, along with her husband Danny and their two dogs Cairo and Atlas, lives in Toledo, Ohio.

Follow her on Instagram @tidystitch.