The Tidy Stitch™

Organizational Systems


This system has been a game changer for me. Seeing them all organized actually motivated me to finally wind the 50+ skeins of new floss I've had sitting in a box!


This system is so amazing! The seller is also very lovely and was extremely fast to respond and help after I had an issue. She got it all worked out and now I have a new project! I highly recommend if you want a nice way to store your threads!


So many hours of work obviously went into this project. Britney is lovely to work with and I am loving this system.


These helped me reorganize my floss SO much. My artist son was also very impressed at how much easier it is to compare colors now that they are arranged by color family!


Very helpful system for someone new to cross stitching, and the file was easy to download. Thank you!


Amazing organizing system, my floss boxes look so much better now and it’s so much easier to keep everything tidy!